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Releasing Hurt & Anger

Releasing Hurt & Anger

The day that Jonetta came in, could feel the heaviness on her. Yes, I prompted her to do the release ceremony. I knew whatever was weighing her down, she needed to release some of that. ...and she did!! We are all spiritual beings that are living the human experience. Your life as a human is filled with ups and downs. Of course, YOU want more UPS than downs. Being UP means keeping your vibrational energy elevated. What does that mean? That means on a day-to-day basis you want to speak and think positive, interact with people that match your vibration and be involved with situations that’s going to keep you vibrating on an upper frequency. Keeping your vibrations high can be a tough feat to accomplish day to day. We are going to interact and be involved with people and situations that are going to bring in negative vibes. Not to mention the emotional and mental baggage that we carry from our past…..So how do you start to release this energy and move forward to a more desirable state? By ACTIVELY releasing that energy that is attached to YOU. La Shun is a Certified Holistic Practitioner that has created energy release sessions to assist you in being the best version of yourself. Woman Of Ankh is a premiere retreat space in the Atlanta Metro area that caters to women from all walks of life. You can schedule an individual session or host a retreat for your friends. Sessions include herbal tea, meditation, yoni steam and a fire release ritual. Its an amazing experience! You can schedule your individual appointment at For group yoni steam sessions, call LaShun directly at 404.939.1312 As a holistic health practitioner, LaShun also offers a holistic approach to healing fibroids, naturally. You can visit the website to set up a consultation. You can contact LaShun Teboh at 404.939.1312 (Schedule self-care holistic services) (view upcoming Goddesses Glow UP events) (Train to become a practitioner) #womb #WombVersations #YoniSteamPractitioner #HealingJourney #SelfLove #LoveMyWomb #Yoni #Healing #HealingRetreats #WellnessRetreats #EnergyHealing #LifeCoach #HolisticPractitioner #EneryHealer #Manifestation #WomanOfAnkh #Ankh #Life #WeightLoss #WeightManagement #ReleaseThatIsh #Release #Reiki #WombMassage #WombHealer #WombWorker #MoonPriestess #MoonGoddess #Goddess #MoonCycle #MoonEnergy #fibroids
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